PALS is a development Program for children ages five to nine designed to address each child’s past experiences in order to ensure his or her present and future success.

PALS provides a positive structure, offers an explorative learning environment, and builds trusting relationships in order to enhance each individuals sense of self, family, and community.

The PALS program is part of the larger La Puente home organization. La Puente is a 501c 3 non-profit organization in Colorado’s San Luis Valley providing emergency shelter, food assistance, transitional housing, self-sufficiency services, homeless prevention, community outreach services, and job training for the homeless and other community members in crisis.

La Puente endeavors to meet immediate needs and to empower people to live independently, with dignity.

As a non-profit PALS is funded exclusively by grants and donations by caring individuals who wish to empower children in need. If you wish to help us in our mission please visit the La Puente website ( This site will provide you instructions on how to donate money or  other items to our program.


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